About Us

The Hand in Hand Foundation has been working since 1993 for a tolerant society in which the individuals with disabilities can live with dignity. Our primary task is to promote the cause of the people with disability, especially the ones who live with mental disability and the most disadvantaged backgrounds as well as the ones living with multiple disabilities. We have contact with the disabled people via their environment, directly and indirectly, in all phases of their lives involving family, experts and welfare organizations or by addressing the society as a whole.

Our main principles

  • reforming, continually improving, conscious and planned system
  • professional credibility and maintainable quality
  • system-based and multipliable solutions
  • accountability and transparency

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This project aims to inform and guide support services on quality assessment and service improvement based on the practical implementation of the Quality of Life Support Model (QoLSM), which aligns with the rights and principles established in the UNCRPD.

ACCESS to Leisure

ACCESS to Leisure

The ACCESS to Leisure project aims to develop and test out a complex training package focused on the theme of inclusive leisure time. The aim of the package is to enable people with learning disabilities to spend their free time engaging in activities they like, and to motivate others in their environment to do the same.


RESPONSE – Responsive services to address gender-based violence against women with disabilities – aims at bringing together the different relevant actors to increase stakeholders’ knowledge and capacity about rights-based and gender-responsive services in addressing gender-based violence against women with disabilities.


Yard4All is a European project that brings together actors from the educational and the NGO sectors with the common belief that inclusive education for sustainability is the foundation of a much-needed hope for a better tomorrow.

ACCESS Project

The importance of lifelong learning and the constant improvement of personal and communication skills is nowadays a basic requirement in all fields of employment because of the rapidly changing world of business and commerce. Computer skills and foreign language skills are now seen as basic requirements in all the major fields of employment.


Az ACCESS (2017-1-HU01-KA204-035947)
Inkluzív művészet (2017-1-FR01-KA204-037252)
Érintettek bevonásának tanulmányozása (2017-1-HU01-KA104-035702)
DESIGN (2016-1-FR01-KA204-02390)
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